Uncharted, the film is a success and Sony calls it a hit

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The movie Of Uncharted was a successto the point that Sony Pictures president and CEO Tom Rothman called it one hit for the company: undoubtedly a franchise to focus on in the future as well.

Rothman’s words come after the news related to Uncharted’s excellent debut in the US, while the takings internationally, they totaled $ 106.4 million over the opening weekend.

A great initial result for the film, on which Sony wanted to insist despite the great difficulties related to this period: the executives were about to sell the license to someone else, but then decided to produce it themselves.

Moreover, the current strategy of Sony, which considers a period of forty-five days from the release in theaters to the arrival on digital platforms, seems to be giving excellent results, starting with the sensational blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home (review).

“I would like to thank all the producers, the wonderful cast and crew, and especially our friends from PlayStation Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment for their support,” Rothman wrote in his letter to colleagues.

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