Unpacking has sold more than a million copies

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For the first anniversary of the game, the development studio Witch Beam Games has announced that the puzzle game zen Unpacking has sold more than one million copies. Not bad for such a small but significant title.

In addition to sales, other interesting data was provided, via ainfographic posted on Twitter.

Unpacking has been played in 185 different countries, has received 50 nominations for various awards, winning 20 times. Additionally, 14% of players finished all toiletinformation that will certainly be very important for those who know the game.

The development studio and the publisher, Humble Gamestook the opportunity to thank all the players who bought and supported Unpacking.

If you want more information, read our Unpacking review. Let’s read the official description:

Unpacking is a zen game about the family experience of taking things out of boxes and arranging them in a new home. Half block puzzle and half home decor, we invite you to create a fulfilling space by uncovering clues about the life you’re pulling out of the boxes. Over the course of eight moves, you’ll have the chance to form a bond with a character you never see and a story you’re never told.

It ticks all the boxes, from a bedroom to an entire house
Meditative play style with no timers, meters or scores
Explore a home environment with all its nooks and crannies as you stack dishes, hang towels and arrange books on shelves
Discover a character’s story through the items they take with them to each new home (and those they leave behind)
Soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck, BAFTA Award-winning composer and audio director

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