Until Dawn: remake may be in the works, according to a rumor

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According to a rumor, Supermassive Games may be working on the remake horror adventure Until Dawn for PS5. The news was reported by the insider AccountNGT, who became known for some confidential information passed to the community, which proved to be reliable.

According to the rumor, the project is for current generation consoles. Whereas the original came out in exclusive on PS4 and that therefore it would not make sense to publish a remake for the same console (even if you can never say, these days), and considering that the intellectual property is in the hands of Sony, the hypothesis is that it is a title for PS5 only. It matters little that Supermassive is an independent studio, in this case, since it has no direct powers over the game.

AccountNGT speaks of “consoles”, therefore in the plural, but we do not believe that Sony would ever involve Xbox and Nintendo Switch in a similar project, as long as it really exists (always a rumor we are talking about). At most it could arrive on PC, a platform on which Sony now does not disdain to launch its titles, which also do excellent results (see the recent God of War).

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