Vampire Survivors: Latest roadmap shows how far the game has gone beyond initial plans

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There Road map of version 0.10.109 of Vampire Survivors it shows in a plastic way how much the game has gone beyond what it used to be initial plansi.e. how much more content you’ve received so far than you budgeted for.

Roadmap 0.10.109 by Vampire Survivors

In addition to the additions of the latest version, especially the fixes to some of the residual problems of the game, in fact some numbers stand out, such as the 36 characters present, out of the 24 initially foreseen, and like the seven relics, out of the six foreseen.

Consider that the development of Vampire Survivors is far from finished, so there is still room to add even more extra content, such as additional levels, weapons and power-ups.

As always, remember the price of the game, of € 2.39, which makes it a real must have, considering that with the same amount you can at most drink a couple of coffees.

Vampire Survivors is a particular action game in which, in the role of one of the selectable heroes, you have to resist as much as possible the enemy hordes, which are increasingly numerous and fierce. Featuring simple and addictive gameplay, the poncle title has become a real phenomenon on Steam.

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