Vampire Survivors on Steam has 99% positive reviews, over 30,000

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Vampire Survivors has 99% of positive reviews up Steam. Considering he has received more than 30,000 (30,527 at the time of writing this news) this is a truly excellent result, for what has become a small phenomenon of the Valve platform. Considering that it was developed by one of our compatriots, we are even more pleased to report the success and resonance that the game is having on the PC scene.

For those unfamiliar with it, it is an action with strictly pixel art graphics in which the goal is to resist waves upon waves of increasingly numerous enemies. What makes it particularly enjoyable, in addition to the ultra-affordable price (€ 2.39), is the fact that it works really well and offers an engaging challenge.

Note that Vampire Survivors is still in Early Access and that the author, Luca Galante, is always updating it with new contents. If you want to know more, read the interview we did with him. You will learn about his career path, the difficulties he had in entering the video game industry and how important Ultima Online was in his life.

Vampire Survivors is only available for PC.

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