Vampire Survivors: Version 1.0 release date announced

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The development studio Poncle has announced the release date from the version 1.0 Of Vampire Survivors: October 20, 2022. With the expected maxi update, the main contents of the game will finally be complete.

Whereas the roadmap original was completed with version 0.11.3, all the contents added with the new patch will be surprise extras, which Poncle hopes users will like.

We read others details on the news:

“What I can reveal is that there will be some small balance changes to items to make them more useful, while only Holy Water and The Wad will suffer a slight nerf as they tend to outclass almost everything else with minimal effort.

There will be several new achievements and new achievement conditions for some of the existing ones (if they’ve already been achieved, you won’t need to unlock them again).

These changes were necessary because, during Early Access, the Moongolow/Cappella episode was spread across several patches, thus disrupting normal level progression. As with the other achievements, these too will be reviewed and optimized.

All of this obviously will not affect the saved data. In recent months we have had to go through numerous rounds of tests to verify the correct functioning on PC, Mac and Steam Deck. In case something goes wrong, don’t worry: there is a data recovery system in the Options menu!

The game will continue to run on Electron, so there won’t be anything particularly relevant beyond the new content (find out more about it and the new engine below).”

Also specified that with the version 1.0 new languages ​​will be added and custom language patches will no longer be compatible. Supported languages ​​will be: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Good news also regarding the transition to the new graphics engine, of which some details have been provided:

“The transition to a new engine is already underway and we plan to complete it by the end of the year. We are in the final stage of optimization and refinement (and will add more content that is not yet present in the current version). Data from save will be kept even after the upgrade.

The goal of the new engine is to keep the exact same game, but with better performance and compatibility across more devices. As with most of what’s new in VS, this transition will also be optional. Therefore, it will not be necessary to switch to the new version if the current one on Electron suits you.

Main improvements brought by the new engine:
– Works on devices that had “webGL not supported” error, showing white critical stop screen or black screen with sad smiley, and devices with game installed in non-standard paths.
– Fixed input or crash issues when multiple controllers are connected.
– Reconfiguration of inputs.
– Resolution of Cloud save conflicts caused by unnecessary files.
– Using more CPU cores 🙂 Let’s make those FPS fly!
– Native support for Linux

What will not be fixed with the new engine as an intentional feature:
– Passage through walls

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