Video players have fragile skeletons and break quickly, for a US Army Major

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According to Greater United States Army Jon-Marc Thibodeau, i Gamers today have a fragile skeleton and break easily. The man called these people the “Nintendo Generation”.

Major in the United States Army, with the term “Nintendo generation“, refers to 18-25 year olds, not 80s fans of the Big N consoles, mind you. The man said that” The skeletons of the Nintendo Generation soldiers are not strengthened by activities prior to their arrival and some of them break more easily “.

An example of “Nintendo Generation”: can you see the fragile skeleton?

The Army captain Lydia Blondin provided a little more detail on this. “We see injuries ranging from acute fractures and falls, to anterior cruciate ligament tears, to muscle strains and stress fractures, with the vast majority of injuries related to overuse.”

We can assume that what the Major meant is that today’s young people have on average a more sedentary life than many years ago, consequently the number of candidates who arrive in the army without complete athletic training is higher and this is true. known in the frequency of injuries they reported. Or maybe he just wanted to imply that such people always play video games and therefore their skeletons are weak, as if things are tied up.

The fun part is that, of all the consoles, Nintendo (Switch) is the one that offers the most games related to movement, with titles designed directly for exercise, such as Ring Fit Adventure, which is among the ten best-selling games on Nintendo. Switch.

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