Vikings On Trampolines announced, is the new game from the creators of Owlboy

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Vikings On Trampolines is the new game from D-Pad Studios just announced for PCs. We are talking about the independent software house that he created owlboy. The new project is an arcade action game, also in pixel art, mixing Vikings and trampolines.

Let’s see the announcement trailer:

Let’s also see some pictures:

Vikings On Trampolines is playable solo or local multiplayer, for up to four players. It doesn’t have a release date yet. D-Pad Studios hasn’t announced a release year either, actually. Will he make it for 2022?

The gameplay it requires you to guide one of the protagonist Vikings, preventing him from falling off the trampoline. The goal is to eliminate enemies and bosses without crashing. The enemies in question are called Balloonie and have kidnapped the king.

Among the others characteristics of the game, the developers boast extremely simple controls, so much so that you can play with one hand … and drink a beer with the other (the suggestion comes directly from the official material).

For the rest we can see a very high attention to the graphics, as indeed it was reasonable to expect from the study of Owlboy (which we remember drew the entire game by hand).

Vikings On Trampolines Steam page

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