VOXverse is the blockchain game from Will Wright, the creator of SimCity and The Sims

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Will Wrightbest known as the creator of games like SimCity, The Sims and many other games with the word “Sim” in the title, has revealed his new project: it is a blockchain game. The product will be called VOXverse.

In a video posted on October 20 on the Gala Games YouTube channel, Wright illustrates the concept behind VOXversea project born in collaboration between his studio and Gala Games.

Gala Games has become famous for its NFT-based VOX games, but Wright indicates this project is aimed more at the gaming market than anything else. free to play games. Speaking to Axios Gaming, Wright said, “I’m much more interested in attracting a million free-to-play players than, you know, 10,000 rich whales, even though those rich whales would suit us.”

In keeping with the style of Gala Games’ works, the world of VOXverse will be in the shape of a cube, with each of the sides containing different resources and representing a different environment: jungle, desert, mountain, ocean/islands. The top side will contain the central city of the game. Regarding the sixth side, Wright said, “Let’s not talk about the bottom side.”

each of faces of the cube, which measures approximately four miles wide, will have its own cities and styles, such as medieval, western and horror motifs. However, Wright said players will be largely responsible for shaping the world with their creations through the use of a simple building tool called Shape Grammar, which will “mutate” several blueprints to show players the variations it can produce. . These variants will in turn have their own mutations, and so on. “So, with just a few clicks, I can design a structure, a vehicle, a sofa, a cup of coffee, or anything else very unique,” ​​she explained.

VOXverse will also include a social networks, in which it will be possible to build your own relationships. These relationships will feed into the four reputation categories: likable, trusted, feared, and famous, which can serve as archetypes for the types of characters you want to play.

Players of Gala Games’ other VOX titles will be able to transfer assets into the VOXverse and they will also be able to get jobs in the game, such as the plumber, reptile handler or delivery drone, which they will continue to perform as NPCs once they go offline. Players will be able to create their own businesses in the game and hire other players to join their businesses.

While this gameworld will primarily appeal to those already within VOX, Wright also wants to invite i more casual players to experience his game, stating, “We really want to invite you to join, you know, to help us build this world, because that’s what’s going to make it really cool and cool.”

Finally, we recall that SEGA has also announced its first blockchain game based on a famous saga in Japan.

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