War in Ukraine: GOG will also give its share of This War of Mine sales to the Red Cross

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GOGCD Projekt’s digital delivery store, has announced that it will donate its share of the game’s proceeds This War of Mine at the Ukrainian Red Cross. The initiative follows that of the game’s developers, 11 bit studios, who in this way want to somehow help Ukraine, which, as you know, has been invaded by Russia in the last few hours.

This War of Mine on GOG

The initiative concerns the sales of the game and all DLCs. It will last for the next 7 days. Let’s reread the 11 bit studios press release.

Today the Russian military forces attacked the free state of Ukraine, our neighbor. As Polish developers and creators of an internationally recognized anti-war game, This War of Mine, which speaks directly to the suffering and misery of civilian victims of conflict, we want to make a statement. We oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Words alone would be empty without an act to support them and timing is key, so we decided on the following: For the next seven days, all takings of This War of Mine and all its DLCs, across all stores and the platforms will be allocated to a special fund. One week from today, this money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross, in order to directly support the victims of the war.

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