Warhammer, Henry Cavill paid a visit to the Nottingham office

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Henry Cavill did visit in recent days at Warhammer World from Nottingham for a special tour of the headquarters of the famous brand created by Games Workshop, of which he is a great fan.

We know that Henry Cavill would like to be part of a Warhammer TV series and we imagine that there is already someone who is concretely thinking about such a project, given the popularity of the actor and his great enthusiasm towards the tabletop based on miniatures.

After all, Cavill’s participation in The Witcher series, one of the most viewed ever on Netflix, was driven primarily by its proximity to the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski and the games of CD Projekt RED.

“I finally visited Warhammer World, what a day!” Wrote Cavill. “I don’t often get stunned with enthusiasm, but meeting people like Andy Smillie, Mark Chambers, Wade Pryce and Aiden Daly and being able to discuss the lore detail with them as I wandered through the exhibition halls is a dream come true. is turned into reality. “

“Some of you may not know what Warhammer is – in this case go and have a look. If you live in the UK, visit Warhammer World. The art employed and the synergy between miniature designs, all so diverse, is extraordinary. “

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