We are no longer alive: the TV series is the new Korean hit for Netflix after Squid Game

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We are no longer alive is the first Korean (and even non-English, to be honest) TV series capable of obtaining the first position in the US weekly Top 10 of Netflix after Squid Game. In other words, Netflix has a new hit show on its hands.

For the moment the numbers are not equal to those of Squid Game, given that We Are No Longer Alive it finished in first position in seven days, instead of four. We do know, however, that it achieved 124,790,000 hours of viewing globally, well above the 82,750,000 hours of Café con amora de mujer and clearly over the 30,630,000 hours of Soy Georgina.

We are no longer alive

Additionally, We Are No Longer Alive is significantly above the watch hours of the most viewed English language show in the reporting period, Ozark Season 4 Part 1, which hit 96,340,000 hours. However, remember that Squid Game was able to score much higher numbers, with 1.6 billion hours of viewing in the first 28 days. Even if We Are No Longer Alive it were to record the same results for the next three weeks as the first, it would still not arrive at the same results as Squid Game.

In Italy, Non Siamo più vivi has obtained the fifth position: the Italian public has preferred other shows to it, here is the complete ranking of Netflix most recent.

However, these are remarkable results. Tell us, have you seen We are no longer alive? Would you recommend it?

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