What will you be playing this weekend?

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A new week ends and that means that there is once again a way to play your favorite video games. Between a family commitment and an outdoor trip, we gamers will use these days to play. So tell us what will you be playing this weekend of February 11, 2023?

The biggest name this week is Hogwarts Legacy which turned out to be a great game. As said in our review, “Hogwarts Legacy is the best Harry Potter-themed video game ever made. The art direction turned fans’ recurring dreams into reality by sending them a golden letter of admission to Hogwarts school, opening a window to the magical world that it overflows with activities and contents. When you try to do so much, it is natural that deficiencies also emerge, and in this case they end up mainly dirtying the technical sector, too often close to the past generation.”

“The experience packaged by Avalanche Software lives anchored to already seen mechanics, it doesn’t invent anything new, but it manages to paint a great fresco that sets the Wizarding World in motion. Yes, it won’t be the perfect video game, but it keeps its promises by betting strong on the emotional charge: when it comes time to leave school, trust me, a tear will be inevitable. Fortunately, in video games, a moment can last forever, and Hogwarts Legacy is a work that lives on snapshots: the castle is embraced by the sunset, the great hall is lit, a Hippogriff flutters around the tallest tower. Need more?”

However, there was also a surprise this week: Metroid Prime Remaster for Switch, unveiled and published by Nintendo via Direct. Many will look forward to returning to the world of Samus and we are sure that they will have decided to dedicate these days to the console of the Kyoto house.

So tell us what are you playing this weekend?

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