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What will you play this weekend? We have reached the expected weekend again and in these 26 and 27 February 2022 there continue to be extremely valid choices, given that in this period we are seeing practically a major release every week, or even more. Between new releases and the inevitable backlog to be disposed of in view of other big news to come, a which games will you dedicate yourself this weekend?

The lead candidate is obviously Elden Ring, there is not even discussion. The new FromSoftware game has finally arrived after a spasmodic wait lasting years and there is no doubt that it will dominate the weekend of many players, being moreover available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. As you could see in our Elden Ring review, the game hasn’t really broken its promises and also judging by the other international ratings it’s a serious candidate for the game of the year, as it’s the highest rated title seen in the last few years. years.

Elden Ring comes as a truly epic challenge from every single image

However, there are technical problems, as per FromSoftware tradition, so even the controversies of the players were not long in coming. However, it remains firmly in the center of attention.

Among the other news of the week there is Martha is Dead, the new horror from the Italian team LKA that takes us into a murky and disturbing story with very interesting implications. Against the tumultuous background of the Second World War, a girl finds herself facing the death of her sister in mysterious circumstances and stealing her identity, all set in the beautiful Tuscan countryside that hides the horrors of war.

Martha is Dead, image of the protagonist's house

Martha is Dead, image of the protagonist’s house

As seen in our review of Martha is Dead, it is a particular and very interesting title, as well as controversial, so much so that it has faced censorship from Sony.

GRID Legends arrived just yesterday and he too could aspire to a few hours of play over the course of this weekend: the first chapter of the Codemasters series under the aegis of Electronic Arts continues the tradition of British racing but also includes a real and own narrative campaign, further expanding the possible gaming experiences in a notable way, so even racing fans have their own title to play these days, as reported in our review.

Finally, among the releases of the week we remember Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers. The new maxi-expansion carries on the sci-fi world created by Bungie with a new injection of content and story, further expanding the great universe of reference built by the team for its production that continues to get bigger and bigger.

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