Will Facebook and Instagram leave Europe due to the GDPR? Meta denies

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In the past few hours, the threat of a abandonment of Europe from Facebook and Instagraman issue not new and always linked to the problems that the platforms would run into due to the new GDPR regulation on the management of data relating to privacy, but subsequently Meta denied such eventuality.

With the entry into force of the GDPR and the new protection mechanisms needed to fall within the imposed guidelines would make it rather difficult to manage platforms like Facebook and Instagram, apparently. Meta would not have been able to find a solution to the management of user data, given the impossibility of transferring or managing them through the various services, according to the new European regulation.

A report submitted to the SEC by Meta again brought to mind this situation difficulty, also fearing the possibility that the company would completely abandon its operations in Europe, should an alternative solution not be found. The position then softened later, with a press release from Meta that denied the possibility of leaving the European territory while reiterating the current and future difficulties in managing the platforms with the required changes.

“We have no plan to withdraw from Europe”, reads a statement released later by Meta, “simply Meta, like other companies, organizations and services, relies on the transfer of data between the EU and the United States to offer global services. In order to provide a global service, we follow European rules and rely on Standard Contractual Clauses and adequate data protection measures “.

In short, the desire to leave Europe sounds more like a sort of threat mixed with a request for help to find an alternative system or an interpretation of the rules on the management of personal data that can allow the business of Facebook and Instagram to be carried out. in the Old Continent, awaiting further developments. We recently saw less than exciting results for the last quarter with Meta crashing on the stock market and Facebook losing users for the first time.

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