Will Nintendo Switch use AMD FidelityFX to improve performance? License found in a game

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Nintendo Switch could start using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to improve game performance. The license for this technology has in fact been found in one of the games released on the console: Nintendo Switch Sports.

This was noticed and shared by theTwitter user NWPlayer123 and quickly made the rounds of the social network. As noted, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is not available to third-party developers, so it will likely not be used in cross-platform games for the time being.

Also of note is the fact that Nintendo Switch is created using chips based on Nvidia technology. The fact that AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is used is a bit of a smile. Either way, it could be one solution to the limited technical capabilities of the Nintendo Switch and could guarantee great performance with quality graphics in the near future on massive games like the sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

For now, of course, it’s just speculation. We know that a license for that technology is within Nintendo Switch Sportsbut it is unclear how it will actually be used. We just have to wait for more details about it.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch Sports, you can try it out soon, if you sign up for the online trial right away.

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