Windows 11, Microsoft is testing some unannounced features

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Microsoft is testing some functionality from Windows 11 not yet announcedaccording to what was discovered within the code of the latest build of the operating system of the Redmond house.

Still working on the 3D emojis announced months ago, the company will bring them to Windows 11 stickers for wallpapersthe ability to hide the taskbar in tablet mode and a section dedicated to sustainability in the Settings.

The first feature, as mentioned, will allow you to “stick” some sticker on the Windows 11 wallpapers, remedying one of the shortcomings of the widgets that cannot be fixed on the background.

The second feature seems to indicate the return of the tablet mode and therefore the possibility of automatically hiding the taskbar in this situation, with a dedicated option that we have already seen in the past.

Finally, the option relating to sustainability in the Settings it will be used to offer users a series of suggestions on energy saving and recyclability of the device.

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