Windows 11: the big update of February brings various news, Android apps only in the USA

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Windows 11 is updated with theFebruary 2022 update which represents one of the biggest patches seen so far for the new operating system, containing several interesting new features including the addition of support for android appwhich however only work in the US at the moment.

The first major update for Windows 11 is therefore now available for all users, after being made available in the Preview Channel, through the new build 22000.526 which brings various new features, some of which are clearly visible to users through additional features and options.

Among the additions we note the return of the clock present on all taskbar in multi-monitor configurations, as it happens in Windows 10 and mysteriously was not expected in the new operating system. Also returns the weather widget in the taskbar and a button to mute the volume on the bars of secondary monitors.

Other news concern an update to the Windows Media Playerwhich moves to a new version with support for the dark theme in line with the rest of the operating system, evolving from the beta version until recently, and the same updates for the Block notes, also with support for the dark theme. New options for sharing windows in Microsoft Teams from the taskbar with dedicated button and various other features.

The biggest news is, however, the support for Android apps, but this is currently still in Beta version officially, although it is open to all users. The problem is that at the moment the functionality in question is only available in the United Stateswaiting for a further opening towards users of other geographic regions which should take place in the coming weeks.

For the rest, we have seen that Microsoft is testing some features not yet announced for Windows 11, in addition to the 3D emojis announced months ago.

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