Women in Games Italia and FIDE together for gender equality in gaming

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There Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines (FIDE) And WIG Italy (Women in Games) have announced that they have joined forces for promote gender equality in esports and gaming in general in our country. The announcement comes following the agreement signed by Women in Games with the IESF – International Esports Federation (IESF) as its Corporate Ambassador at an international level.

As we learn from the official press release, the goal of this partnership is to “promote awareness on the issue of gender diversity and inclusion in electronic disciplines, also by entrusting a specific delegation to WIG Italia for the integration of the Federation’s Code of Ethics which also counts FDP Esports, the all-female team recently qualified for Valorant’s “VCT Game Changers” among its affiliates. ”

FIDE and Women in Games Italy

Women in Games Italia is a non-profit organization that aims to increase e promote diversity in the games, mobile, and eSports sector, with the aim of doubling the number of professionals employed in the video game sector in 10 years, through various initiatives and areas of action. The organization promotes the theme of diversity and enhances the personal and professional history of professionals in the sector and at the same time informs young girls and students about the professional opportunities offered by the video game sector.

The Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines was born from the commitment of enthusiasts and experts in the export sector, which aims to support the Italian esports scene and associations that are part of the ecosystem so that players can compete at the same level and with the same support as traditional sports athletes, while promoting inclusiveness, eliminating all forms of social discrimination, racism, xenobia and violence from this sector.

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