Wonder Boy Collection appeared on Amazon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, upcoming announcement?

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In the Amazon UK listing it appeared Wonder Boy Collection for PS4 and Nintendo Switchprobably anticipating the official announcement that could arrive in the next few days.

The page dedicated to the product includes the box art of the game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which you can find in the image below, and reveals that they will be present in the collection four gamesfrom the original Wonder Boy for arcade released in 1986, through Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987) and Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991), up to Monster World IV (1994).

The Wonder Boy Collection box art appeared on Amazon

According to Amazon’s description, each game has additional features like filters, shaders, an option to rewind the game at any time and a gallery. In short, this is an excellent opportunity to rediscover a historical series.

As reported by Gematsu, Wonder Boy Collection appeared in the database of the classification body ESRB at the beginning of the month and in October of 2020 also in the price list of the GameFly digital store, under the name “Wonder Boy Classics”. At this point a official announcement from ININ Games could be just around the corner.

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