Wordle saved an elderly woman from a naked kidnapper

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Wordle it has many advantages, but today it has one more. Thanks to the game, although obviously indirectly, one elderly woman was saved after 17 hours of imprisonment by a naked kidnapper.

Let’s go step by step, though. Wordle is one of the hottest casual games of the moment, especially in the English-speaking part of the world. It is a language game that, every day, proposes a new word to be guessed within a certain number of attempts. The success also prompted the New York Times to buy everything for “a six figure figure”.

How did Wordle save the woman? Denyse Holt (80) had not, as usual, sent Wordle’s daily solution to her daughter. It was a daily appointment that the woman never missed. Her daughter, who lives far away, immediately became concerned about this strangeness and, unable to contact her mother, she immediately asked the police for help.

A screenshot of Wordle

When the police arrived on the spot she discovered a naked and bleeding man in the woman’s house. The lady had been locked in the basement 17 hours earlier. It all started in the middle of the night, when James H. Davis III (32) broke through a window completely naked and, armed with scissors, regardless of the injuries sustained by the broken glass, forced Denyse Holt to go around the house to unplug phones. The man told her that he didn’t want to hurt her, took the kitchen knives and forced the woman to take a hot bath with him. At that point he locked the woman in a room for the next 17 hours.

The situation was resolved by the arrival of the SWAT who used a stun gun on the man and took him into custody. The police are convinced that the man suffers from mental disorders.

Once free, the woman said she didn’t think she could get out alive. She then added: “I did not send my eldest daughter the Wordle daily this morning and this disconcerted her. “The daughter said:” I was on the other side of the country and I noticed it. ”

A simple daily date with Wordle therefore saved this woman’s life.

If you also play every day, here is the best word to start every game, discovered with a program.

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