WWE 2K22, a trailer presents the roster of the Legends present in the game

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WWE 2K22 will obviously have numerous Legendshistorical and mostly disappeared (very often prematurely) wrestlers that we will be able to use in the game: a trailer presents four, reserved for users who will make the preorder.

It is about Big Boss Man, Booker T, Chyna And “Macho Man” Randy Savagewhich will join the already large roster available in the new edition of the wrestling game, coming soon: the release date of WWE 2K22 is set for 11 March.

Clearly these four Legends will not be the only ones available to us: we will most likely be able to unlock several others personages experimenting with the various modes of this new episode and scrapping points.

Speaking of modes, among the novelties of WWE 2K22 will stand out the single player Showcase that will follow the events of the long career of Rey Mysterio.

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