Xbox Game Pass, March 2022: 5 games already confirmed arriving in the catalog

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Waiting for the official announcement on the new games of Xbox Game Pass arriving at March 2022in the meantime, we can make a summary of those that we already know will arrive during the month and whose release at the moment is confirmed in the catalog.

These are the games which have already been confirmed arriving in March 2022 in the Xbox Game Pass catalog:

  • FAR: Changing Tides (Xbox) – March 1st
  • Shredders (Xbox and PC) – March 17th
  • A Memoir Blue (Xbox and PC) – March 24th
  • Crusader Kings 3 (Xbox) – March 29
  • Weird West (Xbox) – March 31

Obviously this is only a part of the games scheduled for March 2022, for all the others we have to wait for the official announcements from Microsoft, which usually come in two different mandates during the month. Looking at the more established habits, it is possible that the first announcement will take place as early as Tuesday 1 March, considering that this usually arrives in the first part of the week and at the beginning of the month, with the second in the middle of March.

A good part of the first batch will however be to be discovered, since this probably includes only FAR: Changing Tides and perhaps Shredders, with the latter being particularly awaited as it is a promising snowboard game with a rather free approach. In the meantime, let’s remember the games from the second wave of February 2022 on Xbox Game Pass.

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