Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft lowers prices in the Middle East: and in Europe?

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Xbox Game Pass gets a noticeable lowering of prices in some countries of the Middle East starting February 2022which does not concern Europe at the moment but which opens a glimmer, if nothing else, on the possibility that variations not necessarily upwards for the Microsoft service.

The countries affected by the Xbox Game Pass price drop are theSaudi Arabia and the United Arab Emiratesbelonging to an area very different from Europe both as regards the general economic and geo-political conditions, therefore the initiatives taken in those parts are unlikely to have repercussions in the short term even in the Old Continent, but it is nevertheless interesting to note a downward variation prices, because it doesn’t happen often.

With the general reassessment, the price of the Xbox Game Pass subscription drops substantially from February 2022, with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription moving to $ 9.99 monthly (instead of the current 14.99 euros) and the console or PC one that goes to 6.99 dollars per month (from 9.99 current).

In Saudi Arabia, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes up to 39.99 SAR per month (approx 9.37 euros) from the initial 54.99 SAR (about 12.89 euros), while the exclusive subscription for console or PC goes to 29.99 SAR per month (about 7 euros) compared to the initial 39.99 SAR.

Xbox Game Pass gets local price changes in some cases

“We regularly re-evaluate the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold locally to offer the best service in each country,” wrote Xbox Gulf, the local branch of Microsoft Xbox, in an official release. “These price adjustments have been studied according to the conditions of each country, it is simply a continuation of the adjustments we made in other countries last year.”

Variations of this kind are studied precisely on the basis of different local conditions in terms of market and potential audience, therefore it is difficult to see a global movement that could also influence the situation in Europe, however, we await any developments on this issue from Microsoft. In the meantime, we’ve seen the games from the second run of February 2022 and those that leave the subscription on February 28, 2022.

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