Xbox Game Pass on Steam? Valve would be happy to partner with Microsoft

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Steam Deck, Valve’s new “handheld console”, would be the perfect device to use Xbox Game Pass (or PC Game Pass) anywhere and the company would be “more than happy” to partner with Microsoft to be able to officially bring the subscription service to Steam for this purpose.

In a recent interview conducted by PC Gamer a Gabe Newellthe CEO of Valve explained that the company does not have, at the moment, a form of subscription service in the program but would be delighted to collaborate with Microsoft to be able to bring the PC Game Pass officially on Steam and then on the Steam Deck.

“I don’t think a Game Pass equivalent service is anything that concerns us, or in any case offer a subscription service right now,” explained Newell, “But for their users it’s clearly a very popular option and we’d be more that happy to work with them to be able to bring it to Steam “.

Microsoft’s openness towards Steam is now clear and even the recent announcement of the closure of the Launcher with migration to Steam is further confirmation of this, but it seems that the sentiment is mutual.

Steam Deck, in the image, could be the ideal device for the Game Pass

With Valve currently not planning to offer a subscription-based service, a collaboration with Microsoft to bring the PC Game Pass to Steam would be an ideal solution, according to CEO Gabe Newell.

It would be even more so in view of Steam Deck, given that immediate and portable access to one’s library of games through the Game Pass subscription would increase the use of the service even more. “We had several discussions on the subject“, added Newell,” If users strongly want something, then we should try to make it so that they can have it, that’s what we think. “Ball to Microsoft, then: Phil Spencer intends to bring the PC Game Pass on Steam?

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