Xbox Game Pass: Phil Spencer and Microsoft consider increasing the number of players essential

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Phil Spencer and all of Microsoft consider increasing the number of players from Xbox Game Pass and of the entire Xbox ecosystem, according to when the CEO of Microsoft Gaming told the microphones of Stephen Totilo of Axios. Spencer considers it a key metric for future success, which is why it is bragged in place of actual sales, which paradoxically are assuming relative importance.

After all, the market is now made up of microtransactions, subscriptions and other digital content, rather than actual sales, which belong to a model that is dying. The important thing is that the user accesses the ecosystem, to make him spend inside it.

Spencer told me: “I love the stats of Forza 5 and Halo … I love the fact that Psychonauts 2 was more played than Psychonauts 1. So when I look at our teams, when Todd and I talk about Starfield we wonder how to make it. Todd Howard’s most played game ever.

For Spencer, increasing the number of players must be the platform’s primary goal. He of course he realizes that the quality of the games is the first factor to succeed. Be that as it may, the first metric of their success is the number of people who have played them, and Xbox needs to think about how to grow these values. The acquisition of Activision Blizzard with its intellectual properties also looks in this direction.

I want WoW to be played by more people within five years than it is today. I want more people to play Call of Duty over the next five years, and more people to play Candy Crush at the same time, because we’ve made them more accessible.

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