Xbox illustrates Twitch-themed news for console streaming

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Through the official blog, Xbox presented to the world the news for console streaming via Twitchinvolving both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

It is explained that “Xbox and Twitch are teaming up to make Xbox live streaming easier than ever. Now, you can log into Twitch directly from the Xbox Guide and manage your setup in just a few simple steps.”

The Xbox (left) and Twitch (right) logos

The Xbox blog goes on to explain that in the section Capturing and sharing you can select “Live streaming” and, after connecting with your Twitch account (via smartphone or computer), you can switch to streaming with the simple press of a dedicated button. You can stream any game that has been downloaded and installed on the console.

There are various functions to support streaming via Xbox. You can set the stream title, manage the microphone level, include party chat, and even manually set the resolution and bitrate. When you are not in a game, a pause screen is automatically shown, so there is no risk of showing information or details external to the game, and you can switch between games live without limits. On Xbox, people who follow you will also be notified when the Twitch stream begins.

That is all for now, but in the future there will be other updates for Twitch on Xbox. Speaking of Twitch, do you know that Amouranth has launched a new meta, that of plastic balls?

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