Xbox, Phil Spencer excludes the price increase: it wouldn’t be fair, users are in trouble

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Phil Spencer ruled out a price increase For Xboxes during an interview with CNBC, saying that that would not be the right move to do at a time of great difficulty for users.

As you recall, last month Microsoft assured that the price of Xbox Series X | S will not go up after the sensational announcement of the PS5 price increase, and here Spencer explained the matter in more detail.

“We always find ourselves evaluating our business as we go forward, so it’s clear that we can’t say something will never happen,” said the CEO of Microsoft Gaming. “However looking at our consoles today, we believe that perceived value is extremely important, and we greatly appreciate Xbox Series S’ position in that regard.”

“So I can definitely say that today we have no intention of increasing the price of our consoles. We think that at a time when users are in the toughest time ever From an economic point of view, it would not be the right move.”

Speaking of perceived value, we remind you of all the games announced for Xbox Game Pass at the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

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