Xbox Series X and S have already surpassed total Xbox One sales in Japan

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Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S have already passed the sales totals of Xbox One in Japan. The previous Microsoft flagship made its debut in the Japanese market in 2014.

If you remember, there was a time when PS5 and Xbox Series X | S sales were close to par in Japan, but it was clearly the effects of the semiconductor crisis on the availability of next-gen consoles, in particular. PlayStation 5.

It was around then that the Xbox Series X and S surpassed the Xbox One total results in Japan, and while the numbers are in any case substantially lower than the Sony and Nintendo platforms, the recovery appears stark.

Xbox Series X and S, sales in Japan in week 67

Xbox, sales of all models in Japan

Xbox, sales of all models in Japan

As you can see in the first image, the overtaking was carried out individually by the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S: we have to continue talking about a niche, there is no doubt, but something is finally moving.

In the second image we can instead see the sales trend of all Xbox models in the Japanese market: the new consoles are probably destined to surpass the original Xbox, but the Xbox 360 results? That will be more complicated.

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