Xbox Series X available on Amazon today, September 16, 2022, with even a small discount

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Today, September 16, 2022, it is available on Amazon Xbox Series X: not only are there no surcharges or bundles, but the console also offers a small discount. The current price is in fact € 494.99.

Xbox Series X is not always available through Amazon and in recent months there have also been long periods of non-availability: it is therefore advisable to take advantage of the opportunity, especially considering that it is also at a discount (albeit very minimal). The product is sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

Xbox Series X is the high-end console from Microsoft. It has an optical drive, so you can buy games both digitally and physically. It is backwards compatible with Xbox One and select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. Its components are of a higher level than Xbox Series S and allows you to play games in better visual quality. Of course, the package includes a controller and all necessary cables.

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Xbox Series X

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