Xbox Series X available on Microsoft Store today, February 15, 2022: timetable and links

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Microsoft has announced the return of Xbox Series X for today, February 15, 2022, directly within the Microsoft Store and giving details of when this will be available for purchase during the day.

Xbox Series X will be made available today, February 15, 2022, starting at 18:00 on Microsoft Store, obviously in limited quantities and probably destined to disappear in a short time, so be prepared to proceed with the purchase if you are interested in the object in question.

Find everything at this address on the Microsoft Store as regards the official page dedicated to the product, or on this page dedicated to the various console models for sale on the company’s store.

At the moment, Xbox Series X is still “sold out”, but will be back available starting at 18:00 today, while in the meantime Xbox Series S is still available at the discounted price of 289 euros.

Xbox Series X at the time of the original presentation

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s highest-profile model compared to the cheaper Xbox Series S, offering far more powerful hardware, a larger 1TB SSD, and a completely different design than its younger sibling. However, both are part of the next gen of Xbox, which in the meantime is proceeding at full speed thanks also to the recent releases of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, so this Christmas 2021 promises to be the best time to launch into the world of Xbox Series X | S.

Xbox Series X will be available for purchase at price standard of 499.99 euros, without particular “tricks” such as forced bundles or other, since it is a direct sale from the official Microsoft Store, starting at 18:00 this afternoon, but we recommend that you prepare in time on the page in order to access the product as soon as possible while it is available.

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