Xbox Series X | S: An update to the Quick Resume allows you to “fix” games

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Xbox Series X | S is receiving an interesting update regarding the Quick Resumecurrently dedicated to users of the Alpha Xbox Insider program but coming to everyone else later, which allows you to “fix” two games in the function Quick Resume so that these do not leave the option regardless of how we use them.

The Quick Resume feature, in the games that support it, allows you to obtain an immediate save when exiting the game, which allows us to restart exactly where we left it when we left the game, with the possibility of saving the state more games at the same time.

The amount of games actually contained in this dedicated memory reservewhich actually “prints” the situation in which we abandon the game directly on the console’s SSD, is variable based on the memory required by each save, usually going from 4 to 7 games saved in the Quick Resume up to even more than 10, but as the use of the feature increases on several different games, the oldest saves are automatically deleted to make room for new ones.

With the new “Keep in Quick Resume” mode, you can pin two games of your choice within the Quick Start section so that those titles never leave the section regardless of the use we make of it. These will exit from the Quick Resume only if manually deleted or if an update applied to the games themselves does not cause the cancellation of the saved state.

This is therefore another interesting improvement to the functionality in question that had already received a previous update allowing a more extensive control a few months ago. It is currently only available to Insiders but should be included in an upcoming Xbox Series X | S general update.

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