Xbox, Spencer management is giving excellent results, despite the jinxes

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Microsoft’s latest financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2022 showed a crystal clear picture for the division Xboxwhich can lead to a single conclusion: the management of Phil Spencer is giving excellent resultsproducing a steady growth in the sector, with numbers that become more interesting and relevant from year to year.

In 2021, “the Xbox division produced revenues of $ 16.28 billion, up 17.7% over the previous year.“Considering that 2020 was an exceptional year for the video game industry, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which benefited all sectors of home entertainment (it seems bad to say it, but it is), the data as well positives are really important and indicate a far-sightedness of the management that has managed to go beyond the emergency, playing all its cards very well.

Please note that it is not a question of competition with Sony and Nintendo. Let’s not always throw it in console war. They too will have done very well (we sincerely hope so) and, as already pointed out, it is good that the results are positive for everyone. Here more than anything else we want to emphasize how Spencer’s strategy started years ago, after taking Xbox One for the hair, together with the entire Xbox division, has begun to show his strength. Precisely from this growth derives the investment of 68.7 billion dollars for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard: if Xbox were to go as badly as some jinx wants, Microsoft would never have decided to invest a similar amount. In addition, Spencer would not have been promoted to CEO of Microsoft Gaming, gaining more powers within the company.

Instead we have 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, a huge figure for the industry, and the latest two blockbusters launched, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, crunching millionaire numbers. We also have the Xbox Series that are selling much better than we anticipated (around 12 million units so far, according to the most reliable estimates). Basically, we have a publisher alive and well, with dozens of studios ready to churn out new video games, hopefully at the level of those seen last year, ready to invest in all sectors of the industry.

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