Xenoblade Chronicles 3: images and descriptions of nations and characters

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Through the official page of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 we have a way to find out details on the Nations of the game and on the main characters of the adventure, also thanks to some images. Let’s see the details.

First of all, the two are presented Nations at the center of the adventures of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Let’s talk about:

  • Keves: a nation where mechanical technology has been developed. Its armies are made up of units where war vehicles are predominant. They use small mobile gun patrols operated directly by the soldiers.
  • Agnus: a nation that has its strength in the ether, a magical technology. Its armies are based on units specialized in combat with the ether and use small mobile and autonomous weapons powered by this technology.

In addition, the characters are presented protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

  • Noah: Private Keves, is one of the protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Noah is also a “legacy”, charged with mourning the soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield.
  • Lanz: an ally of Noah who wields a great sword, which can also act as a shield.
  • Yunie: childhood friend of Noah and Lanz, has a strong personality and never hesitates to say what she thinks. She specializes in healing her allies in battle.
  • Miyo: the other protagonist of this story, Miyo is a soldier Agnus and a passing down, like Noah.
  • Taion: a tactician who fights alongside Miyo, exploiting his intelligence and his insight.
  • Sena: an allied soldier of Miyo and Taion. Despite her petite stature, Sena hides immense physical strength!

Finally, we leave you to our preview of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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