YEAR: Mutationem is in the gold phase but does not yet have a release date

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YEAR: Mutationem has entered the phase gold, which means it will be released without delay … but it is not yet known exactly when. The game developed by ThinkingStars does not in fact have a date of yet exit official and is scheduled for the first quarter on PC, PS5 and PS4.

We tried ANNO: Mutationem a couple of months ago, perhaps finding it not very original but certainly fascinating.cyberpunk setting and, in general, the style of a title that also focuses on a spectacular combat system.

We speak to all intents and purposes of a action adventure in 2.5D with RPG elements in which we will control Ann, an extremely skilled fighter who has been assigned a difficult mission against the backdrop of the gigantic Metropolis that sets the scene for the game.

The sequences of gameplay of ANNO: Mutationem will therefore pass from two to three dimensions seamlessly, alternating furious clashes and exploratory phases in which we will be able to interact with different characters.

“We are very happy and grateful to be able to celebrate together with PlayStation and al China Hero Project the entry of ANNO: Mutationem in the gold phase “, reads the post of the development team.” Thanks also to the study for the hard work! “

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