Zerocalcare, here is the trailer for the new Netflix series: This world won’t make me bad

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Zero limestone presented with a teaser trailers his new Netflix seriesentitled This world won’t make me bad and obviously made after the success of “Ripping along the edges”. There is no release date yet, however: the show will arrive “soon” on the streaming platform.

Judging by videowhich the author brought to none other than a San Remo 2023the contents of “This world won’t make me bad” will once again draw on the personal experiences of the Italian cartoonist, whose works have become great successes over the years.

Between hilarious flashbacks and a mountain of quotes related to pop imagery, Tearing along the edges (here the trailer) proved to be a series capable of conveying an important message, as often happens with the works of Zerocalcare.

“This world won’t make me bad” will resume many of the characters from the previous series, also in this case all voiced by Zerocalcare with the only exception of the Armadillo, played by the actor Valerio Mastandrea.

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